Setting up my Ubuntu for Web Development

Update apt cache

sudo apt-get update

Install Guake Terminal

If you love to work in terminal, then you’ll must love Guake terminal. By pressing F12, you can easily turn on/off the terminal. To install it, run:

sudo apt-get -y install guake

Add Guake to StartUp Applications

After installing Guake terminal, it’ll not start automatically. To start Guake terminal when the machine boot:

Goto System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications.


Dash -> Type: Startup Applications

The Startup Application Preferences window opens. Then, click in Add, give a Name for the Application in the Name field (“Guake” it’s enough), and then type “guake” without quotes in the command field and click Add. Then close the Startup Application Preferences window and restat the machine, now Guake should start automatically on login.

Or, if you want to do it with command prompt, then:

sudo cp /usr/share/applications/guake.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart/


Install dotfiles

If you want to personalize your system, then you can use any of the dotfiles available in github. I’m a fan of mathiasbynens/dotfiles. To use it:

git clone <span class="pl-k">&&</span> <span class="pl-c1">cd</span> dotfiles <span class="pl-k">&&</span> <span class="pl-c1">source</span>

Install Remarkable (Markdown Editor)

To directly download the Remarkable Editor, go to here.

Or, if you want to download it with terminal, then open the terminal:



Then install the .deb file on your system.

Install Nautilus-open-terminal

sudo apt-get -y install nautilus-open-terminal

Install Unity Tweak Tool

sudo apt-get -y install unity-tweak-tool

Install Unrar

sudo apt-get -y install unrar

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