Bug reporting for FTFL Registration System


This is the first bug reporting that is done by me.  I did it only for learning the process. Here, I’m demonstrating how I tried to create a bug reporting for the FTFL Registration Process.

Feedback-1:  This is the “Create account” page and in my case, I tried to input number with the Number pad, but it didn’t work for me.


Feedback-2:  After getting the confirmation link, I logged-in and from the “Personal information” form, I found something like this:-


Feedback-3: I couldn’t use the tab to switch into the fields in this form. I think the tabindex is not properly defined.


Feedback-4: The form page was not responsive at that time.


Feedback-5: The dropdown was not working perfectly when I clicked to the dropdown menu.


Feedback-6: In this case, I found that a “Back” button is necessary. Because if I need to modify to the previous form, then I don’t get any option without exiting the process.


Feedback-7: In this dropdown field of the “Other Education Information” form, I found that this field was not able to clarify anything. At that time, there was no data except some dummy data.


Feedback-8: Here, there is no need to this “Board” field. Because, in University graduation, there is no board.


Feedback-9:  After clicking the log-out button, I pressed the “Back” button of the browser, then I found this.


I saw some information that was really need to be hidden or restricted to show when I pressed the back button of the browser.

Feedback-10: In the Profile page, some texts didn’t show correctly.


Feedback-11: When I tried to edit the “Add Specialization”, then I found this. I didn’t understand the necessity of the checkbox besides the Submit button.


Feedback-12: When I clicked the Course change History from the menu bar, there is nothing to display except the table header.


Feedback-13: There is an error in the date format in this page.


Feedback-14: And also after giving the employment information, this calendar is just pop up. Even if I changed the page, it was showed in the other pages also.


These are the total bug reporting process for FTFL Registration system that I did. I don’t know if it is the right way for bug reporting, but I tried to demonstrate what I did in my workplace.

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