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A Short description of TahsinAbrar  :p

"name" : "Tahsin-Ul-Abrar",
"job" : "Software Engineer",
"responsibilities" : [
"web development",
"OOP Design",
"Database design",
"web design with HTML5, CSS3 using Sass Pre-processor",
"interests" : [
"Database design with MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB",
"Web design with HTML5, CSS3 and Sass",
"Design Pattern",
"Best Practises in Programming",
"find-me" : [
"github" : "github.com/TahsinAbrar",
"stackoverflow" : "stackoverflow.com/users/2291326/tahsin-abrar",
"linkedin" : "linkedin.com/in/tahsinabrar",
"twitter" : "twitter.com/TahsinAbrar",

Okay, Now let me talk!

I am Tahsin-Ul-Abrar (তাহসিনুল আবরার), but most people know me as Tahsin Abrar, the short form of my name from the facebook profile.

I currently live in Dhaka, but my hometown is in Feni, Bangladesh. I’ve completed B.Sc.Engg. in Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering (CSTE) from Noakhali Science & Technology University (NSTU), Bangladesh. I’ve learned many things from my trainers and teachers. Specially thanks to Mian Zadid Rusdid Sir for guiding me.

I’ve learned many new things like: Big Data, SMAC etc. when I was a trainee in the Fast Track Future Leader (FTFL) Training, a project under the supervision of ICT ministry at Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Agargaon, Dhaka.

By profession and by passion, I am a Web Application developer. And I love to work with PHP, specially Laravel and WordPress.

I am also a Co-founder & contributor writer at BigganBangla.com, a science based bangla website.

If you are interested in me professionally, please visit my linkedin profile or check my portfolio site. You can also subscribe me in Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Finally, Thanks for wasting your precious time to read my details. ;)