Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

The acronym of LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It’s straight forward to install LAMP on Ubuntu. To install apache: To install MySQL: During the installation, MySQL will ask you to set a root password. If you miss the chance to set the password while the program is installing, it is very easy… Continue reading Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

Using MySQL database via command line

If you’re a Unix user, and also a developer, then you’re surely love to do stuff with command line interface. It’s fun to work in a command line interface environment. Don’t be afraid. It’s easy to use MySQL database for basic operation via command line interface. To start mysql console: Then write your password when… Continue reading Using MySQL database via command line

Setting up my Ubuntu for Web Development

Update apt cache Install Guake Terminal If you love to work in terminal, then you’ll must love Guake terminal. By pressing F12, you can easily turn on/off the terminal. To install it, run: Add Guake to StartUp Applications After installing Guake terminal, it’ll not start automatically. To start Guake terminal when the machine boot: Goto… Continue reading Setting up my Ubuntu for Web Development

HowTo: Open a Microsoft Access .accdb file in Ubuntu

Recently, I need to run a .accdb file in Ubuntu. I use ubuntu 14.04 LTS version. I tried to run with LibreOffice Base. But failed. And thanks to AskUbuntu. I got the solution from there.   We can use the UCanAccess JDBC driver to connect to Access databases (.mdb and .accdb) in LibreOffice Base. Here’s… Continue reading HowTo: Open a Microsoft Access .accdb file in Ubuntu

Install SQLite on Ubuntu

The default Ubuntu PHP package does not include the PDO SQLite extension. So, whenever we’re using some program that use SQLite, then we get this error – “PDO Driver for SQLite is missing.” So, How can we install the SQLite PDO extension? For this, just need to do: sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite Next time, you… Continue reading Install SQLite on Ubuntu

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Install Unijoy in Ubuntu

Install Unijoy in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: If you want to install unijoy in ubuntu, then follow the procedures: First, Open Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) Run this command: sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n m17n-db ibus-gtk m17n-contrib Verify that unijoy is already there: sudo dpkg -L m17n-db | grep unijoy Now that you have installed unijoy,… Continue reading Install Unijoy in Ubuntu

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Laravel Installation: The easiest way

First time installing Laravel on Windows seems difficult for someone like me. That’s why, I’m writing step by step procedure on how to install laravel on Windows.  Step-01: Download Composer At first, we need to setup the composer. For this, Go to composer’s website and download the Composer-setup.exe file from the Windows installer Section.  Step-02:… Continue reading Laravel Installation: The easiest way

Learning English – 01

I was reading a post from a Facebook page Learn English, and suddenly I got the idea to note down each new English words or grammatical rules in my blog that we all need to know for learning English. Hopefully this post will also help others to learn English. # Learning -01: homophones Homophones are… Continue reading Learning English – 01

Using Emmet plugin in Sublime Text & Notepad++

যারা ওয়েব ডেভেলপমেন্টের সাথে জড়িত, তাদের প্রায় সবসময়ই HTML, CSS এর কোডগুলো নিয়ে কাজ করতে হয়। HTML, CSS এর কোডগুলো এমন যে, এগুলো আসলে একই লেখা বারে বারে লিখতে হয়। পুরো কোড টাইপ করে লিখাটা আসলেই অনেক সময় নষ্ট করে ফেলে। এর জন্য ভালো একটা Text Editor থাকলে কাজগুলো অনেক সহজ হয়ে যায়। এরকম একটা… Continue reading Using Emmet plugin in Sublime Text & Notepad++